Crowns and Bridges

Contrary to popular belief not all crowns are created equal and that lack of equality translates into dentist and laboratory technician skills. Lets give some examples by way of some questions:

  1. If you have crowns on front teeth can you see black lines? Do the crowns look too big? Do they look like natural teeth or like man made crowns?
  2. Do crowns fall off your teeth? If crowns come off teeth there is only one person who is responsible for that-the dentist period! Let me ask, if you get new tires on your car, do the wheels fall of? Of course not. If they did you would be furious. The same reasoning applies to crowns.
  3. Does the bite on your crowns not feel right?
  4. Do you have trouble with food catching between your crowns?
  5. Is it sensitive around the crown margins when you brush your teeth?
  6. When you look at crowns on your back teeth can you see spots of metal where the dentist has ground away all of the porcelain? This should not be.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t you think you should have doubts about the dental care that you paid a great deal of money for?

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