I had the opportunity to re-evaluate a previous patient, for whom you recently placed a fixed bridge. I just wanted to tell you how good it looked. I admire you for the time and effort you put into your restorative work. The pursuit of excellence is not always easy and sometimes very frustrating but when you see the results, it is very impressive.

A Fredericksburg Dental Specialist

Congratulations on your excellent paper presented in the July issue of “Dentistry Today”. Your knowledge, attention to detail, and concern for your patients are evident.

Harvey W. Allen, DDS, MSD

I enjoy working with you, you’re a great dentist.

Dr. John E. Bilodeau, D.D.S., M.S.

I have worked with Tom Phillips over the years on many multidisciplinary cases. His level of knowledge and clinical expertise make him one of the best dentists I know.

His understanding of occlusion and aesthetics gives all his patients the best that dentistry has to offer. I’m proud to work with him to provide outstanding care for our patients.

John E. Bilodeau, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. Phillips is a valuable asset when considering tooth or implant supported prostheses for our patients. When planning these cases, I am assured of his delivery of consistently excellent crowns, bridge, or hybrid prosthetics. The quality of his work is the product of his continued education, commitment and concern for the well being of his patients.

A Fredericksburg Dental Specialist

As a specialist in periodontics for the last 32 years, I cherish relationships with practitioners that show excellence in their clinical practice. Your exceptional meticulous attention to detail is clearly evident to your patients. There is no mystery to me why your patients referred to my office are highly educated and motivated in their dental needs.

The field of dentistry is more respected and admired by your presence in Fredericksburg, Va. I would not hesitate to recommend you to be a fellow of the American College of dentists.

Sincerely yours,
Richard G. Tami, D.D.S.,P.C.

I have know Dr. Tom Phillips for over 30 years. During that time, I have worked with him extensively and have had the opportunity to see the results of his clinical expertise. As an endodontist who is extremely meticulous, I have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Phillips and the exquisite quality of his dentistry. He is an honest, caring individual who always strives to perform at the best levels of his abilities. He takes great care to treatment plan appropriately for the patient and his restorative work is impressive in its form, function and aesthetics. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Phillips to any patient, particulary those who are able to appreciate an extremely high level of expertise and quality.

A Fredericksburg Dental Specialist

As a dental specialist, I have had the privilege of working with Tom Phillips on complex cases for many years. His knowledge, attention to detail, and skill makes him an expert in the community.

Over the years, Tom has received extensive additional training in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry that enables him to treat the most complex cases down to the most basic dental needs.

His honesty, integrity, and uncompromising treatment allow him to provide the highest quality dental care and fulfill patients desire for a beautiful smile and the dental health that we all desire.

A Fredericksburg Dental Specialist

Congratulations on your recent selection as the practitioner behind The Forum of Esthetic Dentistry’s Case of the Month. It’s always nice to see someone commended for their ingenuity and skill and traits that were obvious to us even before your national recognition. Please accept our compliments and our wishes for a fine and productive future.

Jeff Saylors, Saylors Dental Laboratory, Inc.

My compliments on your paper in the June issue of Dentistry Today!! It is the best I have ever read on this subject! I have been teaching and using electrosurgery for forty years, dentists graduate from dental school knowing about his wonderful modality. If you have reprints of your paper, please do send me as many as you can spare for distribution to my resident students. With my admiration and my compliments, as well as gratitude.

Very Truly
Jeff Saylors, Saylors Dental Laboratory, Inc.

I am the Local Coordinator of the Northern Virginia/Germanna Community College Dental Hygiene Program of 9 years. I am serving my second four year terms as a dental hygiene member of the Virginia Board of Dentistry. I am a Past President and previous Director of Governmental and Professional Affairs and Director of Member Services for the Virginia Dental Hygienists Association. I am writing this letter to speak of Dr. G. Thomas Phillips.

Dr. Phillips is an exemplary model of a dental professional. I met Dr. Phillips approximately ten years ago when he invited me to attend on of his courses on cosmetic dentistry. I knew then that his level of professionalism and dedication to his dental patients far exceeded others in the field. Dr. Phillips is honest and compassionate. Tom is one of the most self-reflective people I know; recognizing and acknowledging his strengths and challenges and working with those to be a superior oral health care provider and person. Dr. Phillips respects the members of the oral health care team and without hesitance or pride refers when appropriate. He embraces the concept of life-long learning so emphasized in the dental profession. In many of his operatotories and reception area, you will find a quote about excellence being a continual process of improvement, self-reflection and personal growth. Dr. Phillips doesn’t spout off such inspiration, he lives it.

With great admiration,

Misty L. Mesimer, RDH, MSCH
Local Coordianator
NVCC/GCC Dental Hygiene Program