Big Dental Problems? Ask about Full arch tooth replacement and our all on four procedure.
Would you believe that just four to six implants could replace all of the teeth on one arch. Dr. Trahos and Dr. Phillips work with the areas finest surgeons and laboratory technicians to create a smile that you will love. You will not have to go without teeth on the day of surgery and your new smile will be rigidly fixed in place.

“I’ve Got a Reason To Smile Again” exclaims one of Dr. Trahos’ happy patients. “They look great and I’m not afraid that they will fall out when I laugh or smile. This has really given back my self-esteem.” Dr. Norman Trahos and Dr. Tom Phillips have worked hard to bring one of dentistry’s most life changing procedures home to Fredericksburg.

More than 35 million Americans have no teeth and consequently find themselves at increased risk of significant changes in their health and appearance. “This large segment of our population is experiencing problems with obesity, diabetes and coronary artery disease because of their inability to chew and digest foods properly. Traditional dentures have left too many patients dissatisfied” explains Dr. Trahos. “I have heard estimates that up 90% of people who have a lower denture are unhappy with it. This affects not only their physical well-being but also their confidence and self-image. Today’s dental patients have very high expectations. They want to restore their youthful appearance, confidence and function with comfortable, affordable and dependable treatment options.”

Trahos Phillips Dental, together with a very select group of highly skilled surgeons and dental technicians, has worked hard to bring state of the art implant dentistry to our area. Dr. Trahos’ and Dr. Phillips’ streamlines, easy to follow approach to full mouth implant rehabilitation has now made this transformative procedure available locally. “Nothing beats being able to tell a patient who has struggled with ill fitting dentures or other debilitating dental problems that we can quickly give them a beautiful smile that will restore 90% of their natural chewing function,” says Dr. Trahos. “They won’t have to go without teeth during treatment and they will not have to take their teeth in and out any more.”