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Regina’s Story

Regina's Story

Over my career I've had many patients who have been extremely pleased with their treatment and it has been very emotionally rewarding to me. I want to give you an example of one of those patients by the name of Regina who came to us after many years of having bad dentistry and having dentistry that was not to her liking. She was referred to me by another of our patients and after two years of treatment we successfully treated her and she was very, very pleased and very emotional. Those emotions that patients show are rewarding beyond anything I can put into words. I would like for you to hear what she had to say in her letter to me.

"Dr Phillips is a genius with two gifts. His vision of how your face should look with the proper placement, size and color of teeth in your mouth is nothing short of brilliant. His second gift is his perfection at his work. I sincerely believe he feels all his patients are 'little works of art' and his art is on display every day with every smile on every one of us."

July 26, 2015

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